Saturday, December 19, 2009

I cant breathe...

...because the image you see above took my breathe away. Really Christian've just killed me. I am writing dead. These beauties are simply the best F*&king booty I've seen in a very long time. Price point (dare you ask) is $1,555. Yes that right..hella expensive! If a months rent is too much for you, hop on over to and pick up a pair for $933 (that's a steal, right...LOL)

Details: Gray suede and black leather bootie with cross stitch seaming (which i think is pretty cool) 5 1/2 heel with 1 inch platform. Sexy at its best. And of course the iconic red sole. Pair these babies with a dress or leggings and you are good to go.

Santa, are you listening.. these would be great under the tree..(I'm just throwing it out there)

Solesister =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm a "Stud"

I am so in love with these Dolce Vita "Trinity" studded pumps that I might just marry them! How FLY are these shoes? I saw them in a recent blog post and was like WOW! Love at first sight!
After doing some research, I found them online at and they are $210 (always do your research because Neimans has them for $225). Right now 'sole'sister is a 'broke' sister, so that price is WAY out of my budget. But looking is always free (or as my friend Lisa would say "free ninety nine"). So look on my fellow sole lovers. Just don't drool on your keyboard. Cuz that's just nasty....

These dolls come in grey suede and black leather, with gunmetal studs. They have a 4.5 stacked heel with a 5" covered platform in the front. Can you get any sexier??!! I personally like the grey color better because you can see the studs more, but if you like the biker girl, bad a$$ look then black is for you. Honestly I would rock both..who am I fooling...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

OMG!! I'm drunk just looking!

Do I even need to add text to this?!
It's a GLASS slipper with a bottle of champagne made by Christian Louboutin. LOOK AT THE HEEL!! Its like the stem of champagne flute. I'm in love! I'm hearing you can drink out of the shoe. I think I would! I would probably try to put the shoe on too!
I'm sure this will cost an arm and a it will cost the entire body.

Here's the skinny, Christian Louboutin partnered with Piper-Heidsieck champagne (side note - this is the best champagne EVER!). Its a limited edition box set called "Le Rituel" containing a bottle of champagne and the slipper. "Le Rituel" is based on the 1880's ritual of drinking from a woman's shoe. It was supposed to be a decadence or something.. I don't know what would make that a decadence especially since they didn't really bathe back then. But whatever floats ya boat!

The slipper is simply beautiful and handcrafted with elegance!

AYE I can't deal!!

Solesister =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Return of the "REVA"

Today was a sad day, folks.. I had to do something I really didn't want to do..I had to return the REVA =( I know, I hear your gasps. I am still in shock. The REVA was just a half size too small. And all my attempts to stretch them out failed. I wore them around the house with tube socks almost everyday. I even stuffed them with shoe horns. Nothing was making those girls become an 8 1/2. I knew if I wore them outside, it would have been the most painful experience for my feet. So, I bit the bullet (really hard might I add) and went back to Century 21, receipt in hand (3 days before the return cut off period), slide my box across the counter and heard my heart break. Thank goodness for large sunglasses..they hid my eyes filling with tears when the cashier asked in total confusion "Are you sure you want to return these?" "Yes", I whimpered.

I swear, 27 days ago, when I first stumbled into Century 21 and saw my beloved there, the size 8 fit. Maybe it was just my mind willing it to fit because I wanted them soo bad. Oh well.. I guess I have to get over my loss. I'm now in stage 4th of the grieving process..Depression (insert SIGH here) Tomorrow, I will graduate to Acceptance..

Here is how my stages went, all while still in Century 21:

Denial - Walking pass the store twice
Anger - Frustrated that there wasn't another pair of flats or anything by Tory Burch in my size
Bargaining - Looking for another shoe so I can do an exchange instead of a full return (this way I can get another pair of SHOES..the rebound shoe)
Depression - Remembering my REVA nights with our favorite tube socks... (I am now listening to sappy love songs)
Acceptance - Not there yet.. (I CANT BELIEVE REVA'S GONE!!!!)

Tell me friends, does returning a shoe make you feel like you went thru a breakup.. Am I grieving too much.. Someone slap me right now!! Go ahead I can take it!!

Solesister (a very sad sister)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's soo CHOO!!

So, where will you be Nov 14th 2009?? On that day I should be trying to find a gift for my mother, who's birthday is Nov 15, but I know I will be at H&M trying to score a pair of Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes!! I know I'm really late with this news but OMG!! Jimmy is going to be at a bargain?! I don't know what I'd do to score the shoes you see above, I am anticipating a knock down drag out fight.So I will have to bring my boxing gloves and a huge jar of Vaseline!!!

I honestly love that high-end designers are making things for the little people.

Do you think Christian Louboutin will make a discounted shoe..OH how I pray he does. That will set my heart a float.

Tell me, shoe lovers, do you shop the discounts brands of your favorite designers? (clothes or shoes) Do you feel like YES! SCORE one for the average person that can not afford full retail or NO!! BORE me with these cheap materials!! I'd rather blow my entire paycheck for the real deal??? Let me know??

Here is what one of the ads look like....FAB =)

Solesister =)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey gang, It's Sole-sister and I'm back!! Where have I been, you ask? Here, there, everywhere!! Everywhere but not updating this blog! Well, the time has come to stop procrastinating, put fingers to keyboard and get moving. One thing I have not procrastinated on was SHOES of course. I've purchased some pretty smokin' shoes of the past couple of month and I will be sharing them with you over the next several post.

The first thing I want to share with you guys is the best shopping experience you could find!! Ok so maybe the pushing, shoving and crowds don't really scream "best shopping experience" but when you go to Century 21 you are bound to find something there for less.

Case in point

This is the Morgan Wedge by Tory Burch.. HELLO!!! This baby was only $149.. that is HALF of the $300 which is the original price.

Then there was:

The Sophie Wedge.. This one was $140. It's brown crocodile. Simply Beautiful

And I've saved the best for last:

YES!!! The REVA flat in houndstooth. This lady in the store searched all the boxes looking for another pair and literally (no lie) started crying!! I kid you NOT!! She did! I scored the last pair of 8's!!!! These were $108

So my fellow shoe lovers if you have not been to Century 21, please make a trip to your local store. it will change your life!!!!

If you have been please share your thoughts!! I would love to know your experience and what you found!!

Until the next post,

Solesister =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My DREAM shoe

I was on Twitter the other day and reading that one of the fashion editors for Essence mag. went to the Christian Louboutin showroom to pick out shoes for a feature. OH how jealous was I! I've never had the nerve to step in the store or to even try on a pair in a shoe store. They are soooo expensive but oh so beautiful.

My dream shoe is what you see above. So nice and elegant! Actually my dream shoe would be any shoe from this line. I am crazy about these shoes. One day I'll be able to get a pair (hopefully my shoe fairy will grant my wish) but for now I will watch from afar. Maybe I'll build up the courage to actually go in the store. YIKES.. Just thinking about it makes me nervous! One step at a time..(literally LOL)

Have you ever been intimidated to go into a store...ok maybe its just me ;)

Solesister =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fashion victim FOR REELZ!!!

So I just got word that my friend's sister is in the hospital with a broken leg. How did she break her leg you ask? Walking in 7 inch heels!! She was walking from work in her shoes, fell and broke her leg in 2 places..

Now, I know my last post had a pair of 5 inch heels, which to most people is high. However, I'm used to 4.5 inches so 5" seems like nothing. I've never tried on a pair of 7 inches heels so I'm not sure how the balance would be. I would guess you can't balance properly since she fell. Can you image breaking your leg because of a pair of shoes?!!
I've read to walk comfortably and still be sexy, you need to always look up and straight ahead. This balances your eyes and keeps your entire body aligned. HMMMMMM. Also, we live in New York,,with all the cracks and bumps in the sidewalk, I could see how she fell. It wasn't the shoes fault, it's the city poor upkeep of our streets. Thats' what I'm going with!! LOL!

Have you been a victim of fashion in the literal sense??

Solesister =)

They had me at HELLO

Meet my newest addition! HELLO by Jessica Simpson.. Yes they called out to me when I was in Century 21 the other day. I swear I only went to look. Then all of the sudden, I hear this wimper, a cry if you will... The pathetic sound was coming from the shoe box. So what else could I do to stop the shoes misery so I bought them. $49 a steal right??!! They are so grand, the heel is nice and sleek. They have a zipper up the front, which in my opinion makes the shoe more sturdy.
So when I got home I wondered what I could wear them with.. and on Forever 21 I found the perfect dress and belt

Brown Ruffle dress Twelve By Twelve $30

Brown Metal Belt Forever 21 $10.80. (belt needs to be a little dark, but you get the point..)
I think this is a prefect safari-ish outfit. What do you think?

Solesister =)

Beautiful LAMB!!

I simply adore when I scored these babies for FREE I hit the roof!! YES FREE!! Needless to say getting these shoes were the highlight of my day.

They are called KRAEMER, and they are just beautiful!! They have a 5 inch heel with a leather tie strap around the ankle.

I put them on as soon as I got home. COMFY!! I wore them to load my dishwasher, and to take out the trash. How's that for stylish housekeeping LOL!! I did get funny looks from my son, he's a boy so he doesn't understand. I have yet to wear them out but when I do WATCH OUT!! I'm going to light up the sidewalk!
What do you think? Do you likey?? Do you get verklempt when it comes to a nice pair of shoes???

Solesister =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walking shoe AND the office shoe...all in one

If you're like me, you've gotten slightly (key word: slightly) older and can't run thru the streets in 4-5 inches stilettos. OHHH the good ole days of being able to high tail it across the street or skip across cobble stone, or to run to catch a bus or train, all in the while strutting in your best stilettos. Folks alway commenting on your shoe choice to walk around "Who walks around on a Saturday in heels" my sister use to say. "I'm comfortable" I would shout in rebuttal..
Now friends, age has caught up to me and...well... I just can't do it any more.. GASP!! I can't believe I just admitted that.

So I was looking for some comfy, girlie flats and came about the shoes you see at your left. They are called Sheila' Driving Heels. Now I live in the city of NY and very rarely do we drive ( and I use the term WE loosely because I don't drive) So I was thinking, could these be the answer to the wear-flats-to-work-and-change-into-heels-once-there problem? The heel FOLDS DOWN, turning the shoe into a flat..HOW GENIUS!!!! Like, I get the idea for driving. I would assume its difficult to drive in heels? But for the city slicker fashionista, this is the answer to our prayer (mine at least) No more carrying a second pair of shoes, or having a pile of shoes under your desk that you could open a shoe store! I'm sold...
What do you think? Genius or Crazy??!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was perusing thru the internet looking of course.. When I came across these!!! All I could say was WTF!!! (insert fudge for the F please) They are called the High Chair Shoes..Furniture for your Feet..
Who, What, When and the most important..WHY and HOW. Why would someone create these monstrosities? I each is own, but come on!! HOW does a person walk in these? As you can clearly tell from the picture the lady is sitting down..(as you can also tell from the picture, if you look close she has a very long big toe nail...GROSS and the pinky toe is curled under)
I LOVE shoes and for the heck of it would try them on but I don't see how someone could walk in them..the 3 prong heels are round, if it were a flat surface like what's on an actual heel, then maybe..It boggles the mind....

What do YOU think.....

Solesister =)


Hope everyone has a great Easter Day today! I think the gems you see to your left would complement any Easter outfit. They are just precious aren't they!! Because they are Christian Louboutin I'm sure they cost in the upwards of a gazillon dollars. For now we will just admire because it's always free to look (and try on,place back in box and run out of the store when the sales person turns her back...yeah it's happen)

Enjoy your Easter day folks and don't forget what this day is really all about..The resurrection of Christ.

Solesister =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring has Sprung

I am a lover of shoes and this one takes the cake. Bakers "Mariserla" is simply beautiful. What makes it more special is the price!! Only $84.95, what a steal..Get your's before they're all gone! I'm getting an 8 right now!!!

Solesister =)