Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm a "Stud"

I am so in love with these Dolce Vita "Trinity" studded pumps that I might just marry them! How FLY are these shoes? I saw them in a recent blog post and was like WOW! Love at first sight!
After doing some research, I found them online at and they are $210 (always do your research because Neimans has them for $225). Right now 'sole'sister is a 'broke' sister, so that price is WAY out of my budget. But looking is always free (or as my friend Lisa would say "free ninety nine"). So look on my fellow sole lovers. Just don't drool on your keyboard. Cuz that's just nasty....

These dolls come in grey suede and black leather, with gunmetal studs. They have a 4.5 stacked heel with a 5" covered platform in the front. Can you get any sexier??!! I personally like the grey color better because you can see the studs more, but if you like the biker girl, bad a$$ look then black is for you. Honestly I would rock both..who am I fooling...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

OMG!! I'm drunk just looking!

Do I even need to add text to this?!
It's a GLASS slipper with a bottle of champagne made by Christian Louboutin. LOOK AT THE HEEL!! Its like the stem of champagne flute. I'm in love! I'm hearing you can drink out of the shoe. I think I would! I would probably try to put the shoe on too!
I'm sure this will cost an arm and a it will cost the entire body.

Here's the skinny, Christian Louboutin partnered with Piper-Heidsieck champagne (side note - this is the best champagne EVER!). Its a limited edition box set called "Le Rituel" containing a bottle of champagne and the slipper. "Le Rituel" is based on the 1880's ritual of drinking from a woman's shoe. It was supposed to be a decadence or something.. I don't know what would make that a decadence especially since they didn't really bathe back then. But whatever floats ya boat!

The slipper is simply beautiful and handcrafted with elegance!

AYE I can't deal!!

Solesister =)