Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poetic Licence to KILL!!

Ok so, I know the first thing you're thinking is HELLO solesister?? License is spelled wrong! Well, I know that, but I guess since this brand is from the UK, thats how they spell it!

The shoe you are viewing is a recent purchase I scored on my weekend trip to B-More with my extended family. I had the pleasure of hanging and sharing a room with Allisa from Stylish Curves ( She writes about fashion for all the curvy gals out there. Check her out!

Here are the details of this shoe: It's called Oceanview. It's about 5" tall in total. It has a 1" extended plastic platform, (that looks like a heart) with another 1" middle cork platform base. The thing that stuck out to me was the orange suede bow-tie like thing in the front. It's soooo cute. I originally saw the shoe in grey and burgundy, then in taupe and blue. But, the world stopped when I saw the orange ones. It was a no-brainer that I had to get them. AND, they were only $69

So, now for the fit and comfort: They get a B+ from me. I say that because I wore them yesterday and although they were very comfortable, my feet were sweating (no bueno!!) The inner material, which is designed in polka dots, is man-made. Feeling the material its alittle tough so I guess this is why my piggies were hot. Other than that, they are ROCK STAR shoes. I got tons of looks, glances and compliments. I expect to wear them often..

PS Sorry for the bogus pictures I couldn't find the images online or a website for the brand, However, I did find the brand is available on