Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Return of the "REVA"

Today was a sad day, folks.. I had to do something I really didn't want to do..I had to return the REVA =( I know, I hear your gasps. I am still in shock. The REVA was just a half size too small. And all my attempts to stretch them out failed. I wore them around the house with tube socks almost everyday. I even stuffed them with shoe horns. Nothing was making those girls become an 8 1/2. I knew if I wore them outside, it would have been the most painful experience for my feet. So, I bit the bullet (really hard might I add) and went back to Century 21, receipt in hand (3 days before the return cut off period), slide my box across the counter and heard my heart break. Thank goodness for large sunglasses..they hid my eyes filling with tears when the cashier asked in total confusion "Are you sure you want to return these?" "Yes", I whimpered.

I swear, 27 days ago, when I first stumbled into Century 21 and saw my beloved there, the size 8 fit. Maybe it was just my mind willing it to fit because I wanted them soo bad. Oh well.. I guess I have to get over my loss. I'm now in stage 4th of the grieving process..Depression (insert SIGH here) Tomorrow, I will graduate to Acceptance..

Here is how my stages went, all while still in Century 21:

Denial - Walking pass the store twice
Anger - Frustrated that there wasn't another pair of flats or anything by Tory Burch in my size
Bargaining - Looking for another shoe so I can do an exchange instead of a full return (this way I can get another pair of SHOES..the rebound shoe)
Depression - Remembering my REVA nights with our favorite tube socks... (I am now listening to sappy love songs)
Acceptance - Not there yet.. (I CANT BELIEVE REVA'S GONE!!!!)

Tell me friends, does returning a shoe make you feel like you went thru a breakup.. Am I grieving too much.. Someone slap me right now!! Go ahead I can take it!!

Solesister (a very sad sister)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's soo CHOO!!

So, where will you be Nov 14th 2009?? On that day I should be trying to find a gift for my mother, who's birthday is Nov 15, but I know I will be at H&M trying to score a pair of Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes!! I know I'm really late with this news but OMG!! Jimmy is going to be at a bargain?! I don't know what I'd do to score the shoes you see above, I am anticipating a knock down drag out fight.So I will have to bring my boxing gloves and a huge jar of Vaseline!!!

I honestly love that high-end designers are making things for the little people.

Do you think Christian Louboutin will make a discounted shoe..OH how I pray he does. That will set my heart a float.

Tell me, shoe lovers, do you shop the discounts brands of your favorite designers? (clothes or shoes) Do you feel like YES! SCORE one for the average person that can not afford full retail or NO!! BORE me with these cheap materials!! I'd rather blow my entire paycheck for the real deal??? Let me know??

Here is what one of the ads look like....FAB =)

Solesister =)