Saturday, December 19, 2009

I cant breathe...

...because the image you see above took my breathe away. Really Christian've just killed me. I am writing dead. These beauties are simply the best F*&king booty I've seen in a very long time. Price point (dare you ask) is $1,555. Yes that right..hella expensive! If a months rent is too much for you, hop on over to and pick up a pair for $933 (that's a steal, right...LOL)

Details: Gray suede and black leather bootie with cross stitch seaming (which i think is pretty cool) 5 1/2 heel with 1 inch platform. Sexy at its best. And of course the iconic red sole. Pair these babies with a dress or leggings and you are good to go.

Santa, are you listening.. these would be great under the tree..(I'm just throwing it out there)

Solesister =)