Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walking shoe AND the office shoe...all in one

If you're like me, you've gotten slightly (key word: slightly) older and can't run thru the streets in 4-5 inches stilettos. OHHH the good ole days of being able to high tail it across the street or skip across cobble stone, or to run to catch a bus or train, all in the while strutting in your best stilettos. Folks alway commenting on your shoe choice to walk around "Who walks around on a Saturday in heels" my sister use to say. "I'm comfortable" I would shout in rebuttal..
Now friends, age has caught up to me and...well... I just can't do it any more.. GASP!! I can't believe I just admitted that.

So I was looking for some comfy, girlie flats and came about the shoes you see at your left. They are called Sheila' Driving Heels. Now I live in the city of NY and very rarely do we drive ( and I use the term WE loosely because I don't drive) So I was thinking, could these be the answer to the wear-flats-to-work-and-change-into-heels-once-there problem? The heel FOLDS DOWN, turning the shoe into a flat..HOW GENIUS!!!! Like, I get the idea for driving. I would assume its difficult to drive in heels? But for the city slicker fashionista, this is the answer to our prayer (mine at least) No more carrying a second pair of shoes, or having a pile of shoes under your desk that you could open a shoe store! I'm sold...
What do you think? Genius or Crazy??!!

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