Sunday, October 11, 2009

OMG!! I'm drunk just looking!

Do I even need to add text to this?!
It's a GLASS slipper with a bottle of champagne made by Christian Louboutin. LOOK AT THE HEEL!! Its like the stem of champagne flute. I'm in love! I'm hearing you can drink out of the shoe. I think I would! I would probably try to put the shoe on too!
I'm sure this will cost an arm and a it will cost the entire body.

Here's the skinny, Christian Louboutin partnered with Piper-Heidsieck champagne (side note - this is the best champagne EVER!). Its a limited edition box set called "Le Rituel" containing a bottle of champagne and the slipper. "Le Rituel" is based on the 1880's ritual of drinking from a woman's shoe. It was supposed to be a decadence or something.. I don't know what would make that a decadence especially since they didn't really bathe back then. But whatever floats ya boat!

The slipper is simply beautiful and handcrafted with elegance!

AYE I can't deal!!

Solesister =)

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